Your wordsmith brother in arms

Shaun-KeavenyShaun and Kev are both from the North West, but it’s another thing they share that will keep their friendship going forever: their unconditional love for the mighty Zep.


Kev!!! My wordsmith brother in arms! (didn’t take me long to mention a Dire Straits track) 40 is the new 40 my man, and let’s not forget that Jimmy Page surmounted that barrier in a heroin-flecked hedonistic haze back in 1983, and he’s still going strong! Though I am not condoning the abuse of hard drugs, I AM pointing out that we are younger than we think we are, and have a few riffs residing within us yet to be scooped out of the cranium, so get the guitar out!

Once we are together (not often enough) it usually takes on average, less than 12 minutes for one of us to mention the mighty Zep, before we’re off on some ludicrously fanciful discussion. From there we tend to take in all points, from philosophical to pharmacological, before repairing to a decent “no football on the telly” boozer for a couple of foamers.

From pie quests in New Zealand and the endless ennui of immovable buses in the Grand Canyon all the way to long pointless rambles circumnavigating the BT tower, direction has never been our strong point, though its never mattered, cos we always have massive amounts of sh*t to talk!

I am gutted I can’t be there to get drunk with you dear boy, but at least we had The Who to keep us going till the next time. I hope you get so bladdered you look like a Fremont Crazy. LOTS OF LOVE KEV! Shaun.

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