The handover

The_birthday_cake.JPGIt’s official! After the birthday BBQ at the Butchers Arms and family celebrations on the day, the blog has been handed over to its rightful owner. No more silly posts, only serious music stuff for the truly committed.


But things are never as easy as you hope for. Life offers plenty of distractions (aka excuses) and unexpected twists and turns. Kevin had been planning to update his ancient laptop for some time, so having a blog to maintain was a very convenient trigger for actually visiting a shop and making the leap (for some getting new gadgets is an enjoyable experience, for others – a torment).

So far so good, but imagine the annoyance when shortly after he got back home someone nicked his bike from the garage! The perfect crime of opportunity: someone dumped the bike they were cycling on outside the neighbour’s house and went of on Kevin’s bike…

Understandably, the pleasures of blogging had to be pushed down the priority list. But no more! As we were walking into work this week (4 miles each way, I think I’m done for now, thank you very much…), Kevin was sharing his thoughts and ideas for the blog, features and regulars, some to do with the tapes we tease him about so much (a NEW tape came through the post this week. Long live the tape!).

And so without further ado, this is the last you hear from me. I am now sending Kevin login details and I leave him and you to enjoy the music.

Thanks again for making this happen, Birthday bloggers!


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