Music for boys

Sarah PhibbsEven if there’s no certainty as to Sarah’s favourite band, there is no doubt about her preferred colour. Green. Green Day? Or a day on a green lawn, on the side line of an under 9 or under 11 football match. The rock-football mum, absolutely the best!



In the spirit of Nick Hornby I thought we should celebrate your birthday with “the collective boys” favourite compilation CD top 10:

1. Back in black: AC/DC
2. Georgie the Belfast boy: Don Fardon
3. Hey Joe: Jimi Hendrix
4. Thors Hammer: Tyr
5. Ace of Spades: Motorhead
6. Mickey: Spear of Destiny
7. Immigrants Song: Led Zep
8. She Sells Sanctuary: The Cult
9. A Hard Days Night: The Beatles
10. The Ladies Bras: Johnny Trunk et al

Gareth promises to make you the perfect CD when back from boy sitting in the Lakes!

Hope you have a fantastic party – looking forward to celebrating with a few beers.

This picture is in memory of our childhood. We will have to explain to the “spotify generation” what we were doing on Thursday evenings close to the telly while hissing “shut up” at our parents…

Phibbs-AkermanAll our love – Sarah, Gareth, George and Joe x

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