It’s all just bloody noise, Kev…

Emily Crowley-WroeEmily first met Kev stalking the OUP salad bar with Shaun (her future husband) in hot pursuit of mince-meat. She was the first person to accuse Kev of being the fridge thief in the ELT kitchen, stealing random pieces of fruit (half an avocado, a piece of fruit and nut) resulting in the commonly used suffix of greeting “SCAV”, for example, musicalblogscav.


… This was my favourite wind-up phrase to sling at Kev over a few drinks of a Fritag, BC (before children) that is. As the Ant put it “ridicule is nothing to be scared of” and so it was with you dear salad-muncher. Most Friday nights at 5 o’clock on the dot, Kev, Shaun and me would leave the pillars of decency (OUP), find a suitable watering-hole and wile away the night talking existential crisis and, of course, music. Much of the music talk would involve a large dose of 80s nostalgia – the 80s being our musical common ground.

It went something like this, “remember  Kev ‘Eee, haa, Eee, haa’, arms erect, cross, uncross, big stride forward. Brilliant Prince Charming vid. Or, the Midge, walking in the cold night air in his Del-Boy camel jacket “the feeling is gone only you and I, aaaggghhhh Vienna”. Don’t forget Frankie, my first LP which I know you appreciated “I, yi, yi, yaahaaa”. What else? Oh yeah, much fond talk of the likes of A-Ha, Toyah Wilcox and Kajagoogoo (snigger) and anything else we could remember taping form the charts. Thanks Kev for all those musical reminisces. Keep-on perforating your eardrums.

Love-ya, Emily xxxx

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