From Poo’le to Woo Le

Rob PooleRob is another of the four university musketeers. Studying his and Si’s posts will give you a very comprehensive idea of how he spent his Leicester years. Click on Rob’s picture in case you can’t clearly see the sign over his head 😉


When I was invited to contribute to Kev’s music blog, my first response was ‘challenging’.

Mind you, not because I don’t know him all that well. I mean I lived with Kev, Si and Pete for 3 years when we were at the University of Leicester and we’re still best mates 20 years on even if we really don’t all see each other half as often as we should.

No, the trepidation I fear here is, I’ll admit, nobody’s fault but mine.

You see, these were great days for a young lad, away from home for the first time. Nevermind and Ten had just been released and Bryan Adams was fresh out of the charts after a 40-year spell at number one. This was a time to experiment, to meet new people, try new things, broaden my musical horizons and finally put away the Deacon Blue LP.

So for me, Kev was a bit of a guru. He knew his music. The problem was, I didn’t. As much as I wanted to I just couldn’t get Rollins Band or Mr Bungle. I tried, I really did. But these were incomprehensible walls of noise to someone that thought Riders on the Storm was ground breaking.

That’s not to say I didn’t push my boundaries. We toured the record shops together on a Saturday afternoon and, to be fair, I bought some right old rubbish.

And then I played it too loud and probably to the wrong audience, whereas Kev would happily retreat with his latest purchase, headphones on, at a sensible volume and, well, you knew he liked it because he’d scrunch his nose up a little and give it a bit of a faux Wayne’s World head bang. I’m sure he still does.

But you know what? Some of it must have rubbed off on me because I know what is and what should never be and it’s all thanks to Kev.

And there’s only a very few who will ever know what is meant by ‘ironing board art’, ‘finial relocation’, ‘loft hatch interuptus’, ‘badge fighting’ and why it’s never a good idea to play cricket with Intense Mark in a crowded park. They are a venerated few and that was a time that I will always look back on with the fondest of memories.

So all that leaves me to say is, from Poo’le to Woo Le, Happy Birthday mate!

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