Kevin’s life ambition

Les WazooxLes Wazoox shot to fame in the 90’s for no apparent reason. He is best known for his successful club act “Les Wazoox And His Amazing Glancing Lizards”. In this post, Les reminisces over his early memories while Kevin was still in his late forties.

I first met Kevin while celebrating the annual trapeze trials. His mind seemed elsewhere and I noticed he was sporting a cassette Walkman on his belt. He resonated with the muffled sound of shouting and screeching guitars. On enquiry, he mentioned something about his clutch and I bid him good evening.

Despite the thrill of the circus and his near-perfect elastic band act, it became clear to me that Kevin wanted more from life. He withdrew from the circus coffee mornings and lost interest in Mr. Bonbo’s half-year slap-head results. Some of the clowns accused him of stealing their fruit and nut.

I wasn’t surprised when he handed in his laughing teeth. Nevertheless, I pleaded with him to stay one more night.

That evening, During my gecko glancing performance set to the music of Blacksploitation, I noticed that Kevin was writing feverishly in his notepad and flicking rhythms on his footstool. Suddenly I realised Kevin’s life ambition – he wanted to be a music writer. Or a carpenter.

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