How Kevin got me into rock music

Jan at 3 years oldJan met Kevin quite early on in his musical explorations. He was 3 and listened mostly to nursery rhymes. A lot has changed since that time, not least in terms of Jan’s CD collection. Jan asked me to point out to dear readers he is no longer 3 (as the picture suggests), but nearly 9.



Whenever I heard the rock music that Kevin played, I always thought it was quite good, so I kept listening to it. My first ever rock CD was probably AC/DC Iron Man 2 and it started from that, really. I loved AC/DC for ages, but then Kevin showed me some other bands, like Black Sabbath (in fact I am listening to it as I write!).

Now both mine and Kevin’s favourite band is Led Zeppelin, and my favourite song is “Heartbreaker”.

Jan Jakub Borysiak (Kevin’s son)

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