THE SOUND OF NOW? After pushing the Algiers line in last week’s Lockdown Music, Pig Feet stormed through and lobbed a brutal response to police brutality with beats of fury, Kamasi sax and a video that shocks you into a state of alert. THIS IS IT: the sound of now, nailed by Terrace Martin with Denzel Curry, Kamasi Washington, Daylyt and G Perico. Watch it all the way to the end for a tragic truth that makes you feel sick.

What else this week? Re-runs of Childish Gambino’s This is America. Repeat listens of older ragers. New albums by Desert Storm and Triptykon. Here’s the week’s listening.

Old Man Gloom – Ape of God II
Desert Storm – Omens

Saul Williams – Saul Williams
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Viscerals

Pinnick Gales Pridgen – Pinnick Gales Pridgen
PGP: Of all the non-King’s X Dug Pinnick projects I’ve managed to get (plenty to go yet, CHEERS dUg!), this one stuck the least – seemed a bit showy, a bit scorch-o blues, on the first few spins. Listening today, cycling the city with it cranked loud while the world’s anti-racism touch paper gets smoked into flames, PGP felt like they belonged in this moment. Experimental? No. Political? Not explicitly. Tough riffs and blues-edged heaviness by three guys who live it? Yes.

Algiers – Blood
Algiers – 1st November 1954
David Bowie – Heroes
Robert Plant – Carry Fire
Bowie, Heroes: The end of the day called for Robert Fripp, but not King Crimson. Something song-oriented, so where else but Heroes? You can’t argue with this album, nor can you argue with Fripp’s gift for pushing others’ music into unexpected places.

Nine Inch Nails – The Slip
King Crimson – Beat

Ozo – Saturn
One Day As A Lion – One Day As A Lion
King Crimson – Three of a Perfect Pair
One Day As A Lion: Yeah well, it’s that kind of time, isn’t it? Zack de la Rocha and Jon Theodore go primal with bass, drums and distortion.

Blown Out – New Cruiser
Triptykon with the Metropole Orkest – Requiem (Live at Roadburn 2019)

Given that the UK lockdown is now easing, this might be the last Lockdown Music log. Or maybe it gets a different name, who knows?

Keep safe, keep the music ON.

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