TRIPPING CORNELL’S MEMORY CORNER. May 18 was the anniversary of Chris Cornell’s death – three years gone. Did the surfacing of this thought make Soundgarden’s Live From the Artists Den a more moving listen this week? Maybe. But maybe not. Maybe it was solely the strength of the music and set list that did it, because it is a massive, immersive listen – if you create the space and give yourself the chance. Two discs, recorded in 2013, released in 2019. Sure, you’ve got to be a little bit in love with Soundgarden, but is any proper rock head not? Seriously?

So, this was the listen of the week, prompting thoughts of lost musicians and how they affect the way we listen to music, whether we listen closely enough to music in the first place, and what the role of a live album is these days.

What else? Here’s Week 10.

MAY 23
Radiohead – TKOL RMX, disc 2
Soundgarden – Live From the Artists Den, disc 1

Soundgarden, Live: No fewer than seven of the 17 tracks on disc one are from King Animal, and the non-album track Blind Dogs is in there as well. Definitely not just a greatest hits retread, is it? Taree, Rowing, BEN SHEPHERD’S HULKING BASS … Soundgarden still had something to say and the playing proves it. Listen with ghosts in mind, and not just for Cornell. Those four people will never do this again.

MAY 24
Van Halen – Van Halen
adiohead – The King of Limbs

MAY 25
Van Halen – Van Halen II
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Ghosteen

MAY 26
Nomeansno – All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt

MAY 27
Radio, nothing else logged

MAY 28
Radiohead – TKOL RMX, disc1

MAY 29
Underworld – Barbara Barbara, We Face a Shining Future
Urthona – Amid Devonia’s Alps

Underworld, Barbara: Always a restorative power, Underworld. Always. Find myself turning to them whenever things aren’t quite straight – not consciously, they’re just the band who set you right. Balance regained, ready for the wild, barren, rural untaming that is Urthona. Moors music.

Keep safe, keep the music ON!

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