FreakzO)))ne radio


Although Audioscope 2015 is very much the November biggie for those of us in Oxford, life does go on (but now with Gazelle Twin’s UNFLESH stalking our lives) and so this Rewind is a radio special coz there’s been some proper fringe rock stuff on the 6Music Freakzone this past month. Dip into this lot on t’ iplayer, but check ’em quick – some have just one week left, some have up to three, all links are in there.

Electronic Math Rock – Boredoms, 65daysofstatic, Three Trapped Tigers, Dawn of Midi and Battles bring the restless propulsions and scattergun glitch. What more do you want?

Motorpsycho and Helge Sten – never actually heard Motorpsycho’s music before but prog-psych-jazz-and-more (ie everything) seems to be the thing for these Norwegian brainiacs.

Coil – half-hour history of Coil with the slow-talking John Doran from The Quietus.

Stephen O’Malley Freakzone – a WHOLE BLOODY TWO-HOURS curated by half of SunnO))) and it’s a first-rate show of avant heavy, prog weird and free jazz exhibits. This is the stuff that compilations are made of: Goatsnake, Magma, Julia Holter, Today is the Day, Annette Peacock, Virus, a track from the new Sunn O))) album, what more do you want etc etc.Available til Dec 20th ish.

Right then, there goes the radio rewind – tonnes of new discoveries, just in time for Xmas spends and Santa lists. Motorpsycho are on mine. 

Lastly, Philthy Animal Taylor passed on from this world on November 11…RIP. Dug out the old No Remorse double vinyl and played the start of side two – Bomber, Iron Fist. What a clatter that guy made. Overkill and We Are the Road Crew say it better than anything.

’til next time!


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