Just choose something you think I’ll like…

Donna BrownDonna, Kevin’s little sister, has always had a mind of her own. There is, however, one area of life she’s always trusted Kevin’s judgement with – stocking up her music selection. Donna, Steve (the honorary 1st blogger), little Jack and Molly (aka Lady Gnasher) live on the Isle of Man.


Where do I begin? When  I think of Kev and music, so much  springs to my mind that it will be hard to keep this to a reasonable length and not start writing a book!

My early memories start with Dad really, as Mum and Dad always used to have music playing when we were younger. Dad got me and Kev into taping off the radio (Sunday charts) and also creating our own cover versions of songs… Gerry Rafferty, a tape recorder and a microphone and we were off!  Our car journeys on holidays to Scotland or Cornwall always involved a stack of complication cassettes of dads, which over time became something that Kev started to compile for us instead. As Kev started to develop his own interest in music including Adam Ant, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Kenny Logins (I take full responsibility for the latter for buying him the  Dangerzone single, Christmas 1986!!) he was introduced to the likes of Rainbow and Led Zep, bands which I guess started to pave out Kev’s music tastes for many years to come. As a teenager he went deep into heavy metal and I will always remember his Christmas list being full of bands I had never heard off (and actually didn’t want to listen to!) but it was what Kev liked and he never tired of playing his LPs and cassettes in his bedroom. And so it carried on. Some of the older groups are still up there in Kev’s top list – Led Zep without a doubt taking the number one slot and what about Neil Young or is it Neil Diamond?!

Kev has always had a ‘knack’ for introducing others to different music and I can honestly say the CDs he’s bought me over the years have always lived up to my expectations when you say to someone to ‘just choose something you think I will like’ not chart music, not too off the wall, just good music that I myself would never have been able to pick out.

Aside of listening to music, his guitar playing has always been something in the background that he quietly plugs away at and then there’s the concerts as well. Always going somewhere to see someone which seems to be on a weekly basis at the minute!

Music to me is something I listen to but to Kev music is so much more, a passion just like it was for Dad and one that matures with us. Where would many of us be without Kev’s influence and also Kev without Dad’s? Maybe our collections would be full of Mika, The Pet Shop Boys and Deacon Blue instead!!!

Enjoy your blog Kev and have a fantastic birthday 🙂

Lots of Love,

Sis (Donna) xxxx

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