Kevin’s favourite bands

Steve BrownSteve Brown is a very cool guy. You can tell by his taste in music and glasses. Steve is Kev’s brother-in-law, and his companion on Oxford pub exploration missions. Steve and Donna, Kev’s sister, live on the Isle of Man. If you want to go there – fly. Don’t take a ferry. No, really… I know what I’m talking about…

Steve gets a “Keen guest blogger award” for being the first to get back to me! Congratulations and thanks Steve!


Kevin told me that one of his favourite bands in the whole world is Pet Shop Boys. He thinks they are as good as the Zepps.

‘Rent’ is a mind blower, according to Kevin, and one of his Desert Island Disks. ‘I love you-oo-oo, you pay my rent’. Classic.

I bought all their albums because he told me to, and they are actually not as good as Kevin thinks.

I also think he likes Olly Murs and Justin Bieber as I sometimes see him mumbling lyrics from their ‘songs’ and I suspect he’s got a few of their guitar riffs in his repertoire, but I know his all time favourite ever, is Mika.

Thanks to Kevin, I listen to Mika all the time.

I think he was introduced to Mika, by Si, who has been seen in Cardiff sporting a ‘Mika is THE MAN’ t-shirt which was pink with orange sleeves. Although I don’t agree with the statement, I think the colours would work on Si.

Perhaps I’ll get one of those for Kev for his birthday.

Kevin isn’t as good a dancer as Mika.

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